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Since 2020, Busy Beetle Science has been helping students get excited about science. My lessons focus on relevant topics for kid's every day lives. Students learn while having a good time!



Dr. Williams founded Busy Beetle Science as a response to the changes in the world of education. It had become evident to her that the shift to virtual lectures were not adequate for many, if not most, of her students at the University of Central Oklahoma. The STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) fields have a vital hands-on component. Biology is difficult enough to teach without the ability to provide supplemental in person demonstrations. Physics and chemistry would be found even more lacking without them. Therefore, she created Busy Beetle science to ensure that students who desired hands-on education in these fields would have an opportunity to receive it. Busy Beetle science focuses on students ages 4 – 18. These ages suffer even more than college students without labs, demonstrations, participation and experimentation. Dr. Williams strives to provide in-person education that is engaging and appropriate for these age groups.


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