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Science activities for Preschool and PreK

It is so important to remember when looking for activities to do with these ages that engaging more than one of the five senses is important. For example, an awesome activity I did with a group of preschoolers recently was the vinegar and baking soda experiment. It seems simple and it is but lots of kids do not get the experience at home. So I let them get dirty, put their hands in it and really explore the chemical reaction. Part of the fun is encouraging them to first smell the components (baking soda and vinegar). Then discuss what they smell like to the kids. After smelling comes taste. I encourage the students to take a tiny taste of baking soda and vinegar. They usually know it is going to taste bad so they are pretty hesitant. But with a group big enough there is at least one kid willing to try it. Then the others may follow or simply learn from the courageous fellow who tasted the vinegar. Make this experiment lots of fun by adding food coloring to both the vinegar and the baking soda. So when the reaction happens it mixes the colors. It makes a two in one learning experience. Not only do they learn about chemical reactions they learn about color blending in a different way. You can easily do this science activity at home. Preschool age children love science! It is so important to encourage kids to do fun educational activities. I offer lots of options for science lessons in the OKC metro.

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